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Discover your ikigai

We’re reimagining the future for women.

We empower you by broadening options for the life you want to create and support you in making it happen.


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Some of the best lessons come from those who have done it before us.

When women help each other, we can empower and inspire each other to fly.



"My study abroad plans were put on hold due to COVID-19 so I joined this seminar to learn some tips and find opportunities. The instructors' stories were meaningful and made an impression on me but it wasn’t a seminar where we just passively listened, it was participatory and I received help with writing my resume. Prior to attending the seminar I wasn’t exactly sure about what to do and was wondering where to start but afterwards everything made sense and my understanding deepened." 

- Kana Nakagawa on our Job Hunting Skills Support in Australia seminar


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