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The Studio's「Founders' Program」

6 Dec 2020

Participated as one of 26 start up in Sydney, 2020 Founders' Program at the Studio, Australiaオーストラリア・インキュベーター施設THE STUDIO創業家プログラムにシドニー26スタートアップの1つとして選出いただきました。

オーストラリア・インキュベーター施設THE STUDIO創業家プログラムにシドニー26スタートアップの1つとして選出いただきました。
Participated FOUNDERS PROGRAM @thestudioau


Our new 2020 Founders' Program culminated last Friday with a Demo Day, where our participants gave their all and pitched their startup to our panel.

It was amazing to see how far these innovative entrepreneurs and their startups have come in just a few short weeks through the mentorship available in our program.

Thank you to all our participants, panellists and guests for making this such an incredible day!

Pictured: 1. 2020 cohort; 2. CEO Chantal Abouchar with Participant Najib Lawand (L) and Host Sam McCool (R); 3. Panellist David McKeague; 4. Participant Kathy Hubble; 5. Participant Xueting Zheng.

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