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<Event Report> A Crash Course for Studying Abroad (EN)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

WOMEN CAN FLY (WCF) held a weekly, online seminar in February and March earlier this year called, ‘A Crash Course for Studying Abroad.’ We invited four professionals working in Australia in various fields to lead the seminar and condensed the content necessary for those looking for work in Australia into four days. At the end of the seminar, participants completed their English resumes (CVs). In this article, we will report on the events with feedback from participants who attended the seminar.

Table of Contents

  1. What you need to know about finding a job in Australia

  2. What the seminar was like on the day - Thought from the participants

  3. The key takeaways

  4. Seminar overview

  5. Future Plans

What you need to know about finding a job in Australia

Studying abroad takes an enormous amount of time because there are so many things that need to be researched where you don’t receive much support for. Therefore, this seminar is held regularly, providing necessary and practical information for those who intend to study and work in Australia in the future.

The program looked like.

What the seminar was like on the day

This year's participants were Japanese residents who have already decided to study in Australia. They had already decided how long they would study abroad and wanted to ensure their study abroad experience would be a good one. They were all thinking that they wanted to make the most of their study abroad experience and wanted to spend time and money so they wanted to get results from the seminars.

australia and japan job
The first session started with the overseas employment situation in Australia

Each session allowed for greater mutual recognition of each participant's situation and background which made each course program personalised to the individual. As organisers, we were happy to see that as we got to the final day, we got more and more questions from the attendees and the connection between them and the teachers became closer.

Thoughts from the participants

In a survey after attending all four seminars, participants were 100% satisfied.

When asked, ‘What changes did you notice before and after taking the course?’

An answer we received was, "I was able to gain prior knowledge and preparation for employment for studying abroad. I thought I would only be able to work in the hospitality industry but now I hope I will be able to work as an intern! I hope I can even do an internship! I am now prepared for working abroad. (One of my concerns was resolved.)" We received such positive feedback. We were also glad to see some males participate in the event.