THE WAY of Life in Brisbane (EN)

Updated: Jul 8

Every month on Women Can Fly (WCF) blog series, The Way, we introduce inspirational women who live abroad.

In our first interview of 2021, we meet Yoko who lives in Brisbane, Australia. She is also a team member of WCF.

She has worked with WCF since its inception but was originally a nurse in Japan. However, when she was 28, she thought about being more involved in medical care overseas so she left her job and her boyfriend at the time and came to Australia.

During her nursing school days, Yoko tended to focus only on what she couldn’t do due to her perfectionism and lack of self-confidence but during her life in Australia, she’s learned to do things in good moderation and now lives her life to the fullest.

Here, Yoko shares her goals, what it’s like to live in Australia and what she does at WCF.