「WCF-Mates! 」Vol. 2 Ken (EN)

Updated: Jul 7

WCF-Mates! is a segment where we feature and showcase the lives of those who have collaborated with WOMENCANFLY.CO. (Commonly used by Australians, ‘mate’ refers to a friend or someone you are close to.)

In Volume 2, we meet Sydney-sider Ken who is the designer behind WOMENCANFLY.CO’s logo.

Ken who starts off his days with a surf in the early morning, co-founded Joidea Co. Ltd in 2019 and is the Creative Director there.

We’re jealous of the rule in Ken’s team that if you surf, you don’t have to come to work on time.

We thought we’d be relaxing but when we heard Ken’s story, we felt the passion for his dreams.

We hear about Ken’s process of creating WOMENCANFLY.CO’s logo and his thoughts that have made an impact on us.