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About the WCF Team - Introducing our Team (EN)

Updated: Feb 14

My name is Kimiyo Aizawa and I am the Founder of Women Can Fly.

I would like to thank everyone who has shown their support for WCF.

It’s been nearly five months since I launched this website by myself at a desk in my living room in Sydney on the first day of November 2019. I am grateful for being able to host an event in my hometown, Kobe, in December thanks to your support.

I want to introduce my team in this article.

Established in Sydney in 2019, The Women Can Fly. Co (WCF): is a platform that spreads useful information for women and international students with the best possible preparations for career growth. We provide career workshop, such as linkedin workshop or resume review, mentoring, other career seminars focusing on practical skills, WCF is working on three pillars: growth mindset, professional development and IT skills.

We’re creating a future where we support women who want to do something but don’t know what they can do to realise their dreams and help them take action on their own without using their environment or time as an excuse.

I made this platform myself with a small amount of money and managed events. It was my first time doing something like this and there were many times when I felt lost and awkward. (Last year, I was embarrassed and frustrated and cried like a teenager many times.)

I would like to introduce my team who continue to be with me and haven’t given up.

Even when we were a small seed with nothing, my members said, "I want to help" when I talked about my dream. They were people who put their hands up to help during the early stages and it was they who actually shaped the business. I’m really glad that I started WCF because I’ve now been able to support people’s dreams.

Misaki Ito is our Writer and Editor who is mainly in charge of managing content and articles on THE WAY. We write articles about Japanese women living overseas and give you tips about life abroad. I’m always amazed by Misaki’s speedy and great work ethic.

Yoko Matsumoto is our Social Media Manager who updates our channels with exciting posts. We are proud that Yoko is in charge of our Instagram where she mixes it up with useful information and relaxing content.

Ayako Ueno is our Content Marketer and Analyst who keeps track of numbers across our channels. She works in Bangkok and her ideas during meetings are always interesting as she plans for challenges.

The members say, “We want to take action and support women in doing anything."

There are currently four members in total (two in Bangkok, one in Brisbane and one in Sydney) with strong and funny personalities and #arasa (a woman around their 30s) We’re excited about WCF! #remotework

Although WCF is still in its early stages, we’re continuing to try and learn from our failures every day. We’re growing while working hard. Our members all smile and give their full energy while saying our motto of "Broadening options for women to shine". Even though there aren’t many of you, we will support you to face your challenges. We want to grow with you.

Every month, we post articles on Instagram and send email newsletters that feature women who are working hard and trying their best overseas.

(We’re growing these channels!) If you would like to support us, please follow us on Instagram or sign up for our email newsletter and we will send you the latest news. Thank you to everyone who has already done so. We really love you. Thank you for your continued support. With all my heart, I hope there will be more, brighter, future options for you. “Everyone is different, everyone is good.”

We're always grateful for all your love.



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