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Tips for getting a job in the hotel industry by Marriott Hotels Group.

Womencanfly.Co had supported Study NSW and Business School in Sydney as a Project Manager for their Employability Program. These two organizations want international students to have as many consistent opportunities as possible.

In collaboration with Study NSW, the Academy of Entrepreneurs has been busy building and executing a series of employability events to help international students achieve their dream jobs.

~Overseas Job Hunting Event for International Students to Get Their Dream Job in Sydney, Australia~.

This is an event for international students to visit companies and learn what knowledge and skills are necessary to get a job overseas from the company representatives.

This article introduces the event was held at the Sheraton Grand Hotel next to Hyde Park in Sydney, Australia, from the Marriott Hotel Group, a five-star hotel.

At the beautiful entrance of Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

The day began with an incredible presentation from the Head of Talent Acquisition, Fiona Pereira, who spoke of the origins of the company, the culture, and most importantly where to begin in order to get a job at the hotel.

The event included a suite at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Hyde Park, Sydney. they learned about the best and most exciting aspects of working in the hotel industry and the skills they need to be prepared.

Over 50+ participants were then treated to a hotel tour, including the gym, swimming pool and Executive Suite, valued at a whopping $3,000 per night! It was confirmed that stars such as Kylie Minogue and Eminem had both stayed in the suite, amongst others.

Fiona also shared her own very inspiring story, beginning at the Marriott hotel in London as a Waitress, to moving to Singapore as Restaurant Director, to her current position in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources here in Sydney. She also shared, to date, her biggest career challenge: representing the company’s HR department during covid, and all the changes it brought about! Most importantly, we saw how anyone with a desire to succeed, can succeed within the Marriott community, where career development and growth are a key factor in their highly successful staff retention rate.

International students for the events

Students gained a new perspective on working at a hotel, and in the hospitality industry, many were inspired by the stories of progression and success, as well as the array of different job opportunities available. The key realisation was that visas and English as a second language didn’t matter, because flexible, part-time openings are commonplace, and not all positions require fluent English.

It should be noted that many students from the language school participated in the program, and they had a lesson on "how to work abroad" in the English class beforehand. Therefore, on the day of the event, they prepared a variety of questions about working in the hotel industry in advance.

There were unique questions such as. "If I am a man, is the pay higher?" and "Is there actually a hidden camera in the room? There were also unique questions such as.

Example of a question from a participants

The hotel staff was very pleased with this variety of questions, and it was impressive to see the lively discussions between the companies and the young students.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank both Study NSW, and the Marriott Hotel for their help and participation in the event.

From Suiteroom Balicony, the Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park




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