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Employability Events for International Students ✖️ Google

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Womencanfly's Kimiyo has joined Study NSW and Business the Academy of Entrepreneurs in Sydney as Project Manager for their Employability Program. These two organisations want international students to have as many consistent opportunities as possible.

In collaboration with Study NSW, the Academy of Entrepreneurs has been busy building and running a series of employability events to help international students find their dream job. The first event was held at Google’s head office in Pyrmont, Sydney.

A presentation was given by Senior Partner Development Manager Enrique Vargas on his inspirational career and how he ended up working in a senior position at the world’s largest and most respected tech company. Enrique also shared valuable insights into Google’s recruitment process.

Upon recruitment, they measure your general cognitive abilities using three benchmarks:

  • How well you understand processes and explain solutions to problems

  • How much you know about the role you are applying for

  • Your Googliness - a mini personality test to see if you fit in with the team and company culture

As Enrique himself mentioned, ”Is this person someone I could sit next to on a plane for 12 hours?” If the answer to that is yes, then you are probably a good fit.

Naturally, entrepreneurship is a key skill Google also places huge importance on. The innovation, creativity and mindset entrepreneurs often adopt, is one that helps them succeed no matter what.

Enrique himself started out running his own business from the age of 18 and continues to challenge himself. He also worked as a consultant for Price Waterhouse Coopers before working at Google.

His key belief to being hired is rooted in what you can leverage in your career and life. For example, have you lived in other countries? Do you speak another language? Can you program? Have you ever built a website? Would those things help you? Have you failed? If so, what at and how can that be used to your advantage? What did you learn from it?

A lot of people are afraid of failure. However at Google, failure is taken very seriously because it teaches us life lessons. Enrique’s first business failed and he lost a lot of money. However, he learnt more from it than any other thing he has ever succeeded in, he told us.

More than 60 participants learnt from Enrique’s life story, about the process of getting hired at Google and the mindset required. Participants also enjoyed an office tour of Google and the renowned colourful office interior.

So where do you begin if you’re interested in working at a company like Google?Google Careers is where you can find everything from internships to director and vice-president level jobs. You can also view job postings from all over the world. Best of luck with your search!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Study NSW and Google for their support of the event.



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