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<Event Report> International Women’s Day Special - Scramble Seminars (EN)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Getting a taste of different fields

  2. What the seminar was like on the day

  3. Participant thoughts on each seminar

  4. Seminar overview

  5. A message from the organisers

  6. Future plans

Getting a taste of different fields

We held four one-off seminars designed for beginners that were useful for women who have a desire to start or do something. The seminars had a scramble seminar concept which meant everyone was able to try various things. This lowered the participants’ hurdle of changing their mindset in just trying new things.

  1. An Introduction to Web Design for Women - Making a Simple Website on Your Own

  2. An Introduction to Marketing on Twitter - Self-branding

  3. The Fundamentals of Fertility and Fertility Treatment - Let’s Learn from a Fertility Coach

  4. Using the Clifton Strengths Finder ® A Tool to Discover Your Strengths and Potential

A Snapshot of the Seminar

This time, 66 people registered for the free seminars. As there were fewer participants in each seminar, they were able to actively ask lots of questions. We feel that large seminars are good but not everyone is able to provide their input. The knowledge participants gain in seminars while learning with others and asking questions becomes more exciting in small groups.

Thoughts from the participants

We received lots of valuable feedback from the seminar survey. We will let the instructors know and plan to implement it for future seminars.

Day 1: An Introductory Course in Web Design for Women

It was a hands-on course for the participants where they downloaded a text editor (Microsoft Visual Studio Code) before the seminar and after the instructor’s demonstration, they had a go at using it.

A: Thank you for the seminar! It was very helpful! I wasn’t sure about what HTML was. I joined the seminar without knowing there would be an explanation about HTML, I’m really glad I participated!
B: I was very impressed with being able to change the website’s colour and font by myself or through Yahoo. Also, if I was able to program, the thought of being able to work remotely from anywhere was attractive.