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<Event Report>Online Seminar on Job Hunting Overseas (EN)

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Every Saturday from November to December 2020, WOMEN CAN FLY (WCF) organised and held the online seminar series across four weeks, Job Hunting Skills Support in Australia ~ An Introductory Edition. To give participants practical skills, we invited four teachers working in Australia from different fields and condensed the knowledge and skills essential for looking for work in Australia across the four days. In this article, we’ll share what happened and the participants’ thoughts about the seminar.

Table of Contents

  1. Things you need to do for your dream of gaining employment in Australia to come true

  2. What the seminar was like on the day - Thoughts from the participants

  3. Constructive time

  4. Seminar overview

  5. A message from the organisers

  6. Plans for the next seminar

What you need to do to make your dream of gaining employment in Australia come true

Studying abroad takes a lot of time as there are a lot of things that you need to research and don’t always receive support for. For this reason, the seminar provided essential information for those aiming to find work in Australia.

A snapshot of the seminar

Residents between their 20s and 40s living in Australia and Japan participated in the seminar. They asked questions that covered several topics as everyone came from different backgrounds and had different perspectives. These included:

  • Those thinking about looking for work and wanting to move up in their careers while studying at language schools

  • Those who have previously worked in Australia, returned to Japan and are thinking of coming back

  • Those thinking about finding a job in Australia and are gathering information before the travel ban is lifted

Due to the small number of participants, we got to answer their deep and meaningful questions which was satisfying for both parties.