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The Journey from Studying Abroad to Starting a Business

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

THe founder of WOMENCANFLY, Kimiyo (Kimi), appeared as a guest on Hayapi's podcast, "Do What I Want - Tips for Living Your Life."

Hayapi-san works full-time while developing her baking business as a side hustle and also works as a life coach, fulfilling her mission of, "Don't let your passion stop being a hobby."

You can listen to the episode on Spotify where Kimi appears in Vol. 87. (in Japanese) or read this article. In the interview, Kim wias able to talk about her experiences, the struggles she went through before coming to Australia, and how she started WOMENCANFLY.

We have transcribed Vol. 87 for you! The first half and the second half will be published in two parts where we'll share how WOMENCANFLY was born.

Vol.87 of "Do What I Want" with Kimi Aizawa (Transcript)

Whatever choice a woman makes is the right choice but I would like to increase their number of choices.

Today's guest is Kimi, the owner of WOMENCANFLY.

Kimi wants to increase the number of choices for women, and she herself made the decision to go to Australia at the age of 32. There were many opinions about whether it was too late or too early but listening to Kimi's story, I think it's neither too late nor too early. If there are people who think it's too late or if there are people who have been hesitant to go abroad for a long time, your story will really give them courage. As Kimi mentioned in this episode, she also holds IKIGAI seminars to support women and help them with overseas employment.

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Now, let's hear this passionate episode with Kimi.

Hayapi: Hi I'm here today with Kimi from WOMENCANFLY. Good evening.

Kimi: Good evening.

Hayapi: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me today,

Kimi: Thank you too.

Hayapi: I've been following WOMENCANFLY's Instagram and have been wondering what kind of person is behind it all. On your Instagram profile, it says "Be the best version of yourself" and "Increase women's options to shine", which I really agree with, so I wondered what the person on the other side was like and that's when I sent you a message.

Kimi: I'm so glad!

Hayapi: I was really looking forward to talking to you today. First of all, could you introduce yourself and your company, WOMENCANFLY, to our listeners?

Kimi: Yes. First of all, Thank you so much for having me here, Hayapi and visiting our Instagram. I'm so happy. I came to Australia from Kansai, Japan in 2018 when I was 32 years old, and I was originally working for a foundation supporting entrepreneurs and working in the inbound tourism industry for Japan.  I started WOMENCANFLY in Sydney in November, 2019 with the intention of increasing womens' options to shine. So far, I've held events on how to write resumes in English, how to get an interview in English and social media marketing. Our motto is to hold events with the aim of helping people acquire skills that they can put into practice immediately after coming to the event.

Hayapi: Is that for people who live in Australia?

Kimi: Originally, when I came to Australia, I couldn't get a full-time job because of my visa. I wanted to do something more that I could do on a student visa and I was hoping to get a business sponsorship someday, so I started the program to support other students too so that working holidaymakers and international students who were also coming to Australia could have a smoother transition or pursue their career opportunities. However, when I look at the actual participants, I see that many of them are Japanese women in Japan as well. About half of them want to study abroad or work for a foreign company someday.

Hayapi: You support women and I was curious about what you said earlier when you introduced yourselfthat you came to Austr