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Using Canva for Your Studies and to Start a Side Hustle

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Some students who are considering studying in Australia may want to try different things while studying but have no income and have their hands full just with school and the life responsibilities. If this is the case, why not consider a side job using Canva which was developed in Australia? Let's consider the appeal of Canva, which allows you to not only create resumes and social media posts but also create websites, videos and original templates that can generate income.

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Why is Canva in the spotlight today?

Canva is a graphic design tool that is mostly free to use. Photoshop is widely known as a similar tool but has high fees and how to use it needs to be learned. On the other hand, Canva is free and does not require any specialised knowledge to create high-quality designs. Canva can be on a PC, Windows and Mac, as well as on smartphones, iOS and Android.

For those who are proficient in Canva, the possibility of working from any location will expand their dreams of starting a side or overseas business. In particular, many people who have been working may be anxious about quitting their jobs and leaving for a full-fledged study abroad program, considering the cost of living in Australia. Being able to work from anywhere will alleviate concerns about living conditions. If you are looking for skills that can be applied overseas, Canva may give you the opportunity.

Taking advantage of what Canva offers

(1)Resume Writing

In addition to helping you prepare documents required for study abroad, Canva allows you to create a variety of income-generating content. You will need to create resumes many times during the process of studying abroad and finding a job. If you are considering employment overseas after studying abroad, you generally submit your resume with work experience from Japan. If you try to create a resume from scratch, you may spend a lot of time just thinking about the structure and formatting but Canva provides a wide variety of templates, so you can create a stylish resume in less time by simply entering headings and your accomplishments.

Resume Templates

(2)Presentation slides

Along with resumes, presentation slides are created frequently. The presentation slides created by Canva are highly effective because they are original and eye-catching. Canva presentation slides have the advantage of being usable on a variety of devices, as well as being able to incorporate video. The quickest way to create presentation slides is to access Canva and choose a templates. Canva is also ideal for teams, as it allows multiple people to work simultaneously in real-time.

Presentation Slide Templates

(3)Marketing Materials

Canva provides templates for creating images for social media posts and banners for email marketing. It provides templates for creating images for social media posts with different themes. and designs You can create a banner by selecting the appropriate template, incorporating the materials, and customising the design. To create a banner, select a template, incorporate your logo or other materials and add your favourite materials from Canva's library of icons, elements, pictures and designs. In addition, you can create a banner by adding a tagline and adjusting the font to catch the reader's attention. There are many deliverables using Canva and even if you are a beginner in design creation, it is possible to improve your skills to a level that can be used abroad.

Marketing Banner Templates

How to use Canva for work

One of the best ways to use Canva to get a job before or after you come to Australia, or to start your own business as a freelancer, is to take advantage of the affiliate program that Canva offers. Once you sign up as an affiliate partner, you will receive a dedicated referral link that you can post on your blog or website and receive commissions based on your successes. To use this program, you may need to create a website, which can be easily done by using Canva, and it will be useful for improving your skills.

You can also create and sell your own original templates through Canva as well as photos and videos you have taken. If you know about website production, video or content creation, you may be able to receive commissions from companies and earn extra income as a Canva instructor.

With Canva, actually touching and experiencing the software is the first step in expanding your possibilities. Your dream begins when you first take a look at the templates for each function, such as Instagram and presentations.

What is the paid version of Canva like?

Canva is a tool with great potential for creating resumes for studying abroad in Australia, posting on social media sites to help you connect with others and creating websites and videos to generate income. Even if you don't master everything from the beginning, you will gradually be able to create your own original work by looking at and actually using the templates for different purposes. If you do, you will be a lot closer to your dream of starting a side business or an overseas business.

We have the impression that the content is well worth the price. We are currently using the paid plan at Women Can Fly because it allows us to use more types of images and templates, but most importantly, it saves us a lot of time by allowing us to resize assets all at once and use the brand kit for inserting logos.

Since much can be done with the free version, it is a good idea to try the free trial of the paid plan (Canva Pro) once to see if the plan suits your needs.

If you register for the free trial the paid plan (Canva Pro), which is usually 30 days, by clicking the button below, you will get a special 15-day extension to 45 days. That's almost a month and a half of use of the paid plan. During this time, you can try out the differences between the free and paid plans and find the one that suits you best.

Above all, whether you use the free version or the paid version, you will not regret using Canva. (In fact, I can't imagine the last 4 years of our business without it!) This is your chance to see what you can make for free.

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