YouTube - How to Use a Menstrual Cup (EN)

Updated: Jul 15

Forget tampons and pads. Have you heard of menstrual cups? For this video, we heard from Kimiyo, the founder of WCF, who is interested in the menstrual cup and invited midwife Kana to explain how to use one.

The many names for a menstrual cup include: sanitary cup, full moon girl, moon cup, menstruation cup, period cup or menstrual cup.

Menstrual cups can replace tampons and pads and have recently become popular. Since sanitary products touch delicate parts of the body, many people may be interested but haven’t tried them yet.

Let’s learn how to use it and broaden your options for sanitary products.

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Information and usage of menstrual cups

We’ll break down the information shared in our YouTube video below